Gunārs Lauskis

M.D., D.D.S., MOS RCSEd., Certified maxillofacial surgeon, dentist

Gunārs Lauskis was born in 1965. In 1989, he graduated from Medical Faculty of the Riga Medical Institute. Later, he studied dentistry at the Latvian Medical Academy, graduating as a dentist in 1997. Hes has been a certified dentist since 2000. Gunārs completed a resident traineeship in craniofacial surgery and in 1999, he became a certified craniofacial surgeon. Since 1999, Gunārs has worked as a lecturer at the craniofacial department of the Faculty of Dentistry in Riga Stradin’s University and he is also a member of the International Association of Craniofacial Surgeons. He completed his traineeship in France, Great Britain and Wales. In 2005, he was made a member of the Edinburgh Royal College of Surgery. Gunārs has more than 17 years of professional experience and since 2002, he has been working in Sirowa Riga Dental Clinic. On a regular basis, he improves his knowledge by attending further education courses both in Latvia and abroad. Additionally, he attends the dentistry courses organized by Sirowa.

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