General Anethesia


General anesthesia (narcosis) protects your body from the undesirable effects of the pain and stress that are experienced during the surgery and creates the conditions necessary for the performance of the surgery.

Dentistry under general anesthesia (narcosis) is performed under the supervision of experienced dentists and anesthesiologists.

In order to agree with the dentist about therapy under general anesthesia, you will require a separate initial consultation with the dentist and anesthesiologist. The dentist will assess the condition of the oral cavity, the required therapy, as well as the time necessary for the therapy. X-Ray images will be taken if required. During this visit, the issue of whether general anesthesia is necessary in the particular case, or whether a simpler method will be sufficient, will be discussed.

The anesthesiologist, who will assess your general health condition, will assess the possible risks, as well as inform you how to correctly prepare for the surgery.

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