„I can heartly recommend Sirowa Dental Clinic.

From I was picked up at the airport until I was safe back there, you always did your best to keep me happy and informed.

You did an effort to make your patients feel very welcome.

In addition my dentist was very professional in telling me the procedure he was about to make and also informed me how to take care to make sure I got the maximum result from the treatment.”

Patient from Norway – Odd Magne
7th of December, 2010

„My daughter and I are very much satisfied with the services. You have a very effecient and qualified doctors who made the treatment. I could recommend this to my collegues. Please give my best regards to Dr. Zepa for a job well done.”

Patient from Norway – Amalia
27th of May, 2011

“My wife and me have now been three times in SIROWA Dental clinic for dental treatment and we can absolute recommend the clinic.

The dentist and the rest of the people working at the clinic are very kind and professional.The service and treatment have been done for 100%.

The prices for treatments is less then haft of what you have to pay in Norway.

We have also been at our Norwegian dentist for a control after the treatment at SIROWA Dental clinic and he told us that the treatment done in Riga was100% good.

Kindly regards
Henny and Magnar from Norway, June 2011″

I am a 57 year old man from Norway, who was to the SIROWA Dental Clinic in Riga during the April 2011. My teeth’s lower needed a complete reconstruction after my age, and also one tooth was missing in the front. First a hygienic treatment was made, and also one root filling was necessary, made very comfortable from the best dentists I ever had the experience to meet.  

Then the reconstruction of 11 teeth’s (three original teeth’s are now left) was made with a combination of crowns and a bridge made from porcelain and Zirconium.

This treatment was made with an outstanding personal expertise from the responsible dentist and my feeling of comfort to be taken care of in very clean and exclusive surroundings. 

I will also mention; I have a complete bridge upper, made in Norway, and this is absolutely not of the high standard as from the Sirowa Clinic. A lot of persons ask me where I have made the lover treatment.

I will also in the future contact the SIROWA for further treatment.

I will absolutely recommend the SOROWA Clinic to everyone who wants a treatment made in top-class and for very reasonable prices.

My best regards, and thanks!

Bertil Lund from Norway, 2011

“I just wanted to thank Dr. Ozolins and Dr. Svaza along with the other staff on the day for taking care of me the other week. It wasn’t my most memorable experience but at least I got through it!”

Simon Church from United Kingdom, 2012

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