How to choose dental implant


Ten advantages of DENTSPLY Friadent quality dental implants

1. Made in Germany

All implants are precision-manufactured in Germany and are known throughout the world by their outstanding quality.

2. Biocompatible pure titanium

Implants by DENTSPLY Friadent are made of pure titanium. This material is perfectly compatible with the body and over time becomes completely integrated with the bone tissue.

3. Multiple tests of product quality

During the manufacturing process the implants are inspected a number of times under extremely rigid certified quality standards. Discount suppliers cannot afford a comparable investment in quality assurance.

4. Clinically tested

Decades of experience and clinical testing in scientific long-term studies ensure maximum safety.

5. Versatile

The ANKYLOS and XiVE implant systems are available in different diameters and lengths and with their comprehensive range of prosthetic abutment components provide the ideal solution for every situation.

6. Secure positioning

DENTSPLY Friadent also offers your dentist the option of computer-guided implant placement. Implants can be positioned exactly right with the accurate three-dimensional planning and guided placement.

7. Fast integration

The fine microscopically roughened implant surface included with all systems from DENTSPLY Friadent establishes the optimum conditions for safe and fast healing of the implant.

8. Customizable

CAD/CAM abutments can be customized for the specific patient for your exact requirements and give you outstanding esthetic results.

9. Long-term availability of replacements

A major implant manufacturer like DENTSPLY Friadent also offers replacement materials even after many years. Your implant abutments can be replaced at any time or adjusted to conform to a subsequent change in the prosthetic situation.

10. Available all over the world and internationally approved

DENTSPLY Friadent has representatives in more than 60 countries and supplies dentists all over the world. You can have replacement parts placed quickly even during vacations and you have the security of knowing that they conform to all applicable laws and standards for medical devices.


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