Orthodontist Māris Gržibovskis

Māris Gržibovskis


2015 PhD Medicine
2013 Master of orthodntics at Royal College of Surgeon Edinburgh
2011 M.Sc Orthodontics
2008 Dentist, Dental surgeon (D. D. S.)

At the moment he is the researcher at RSU Anatomy and Anthropology institute and manages his own private dental clinic CONCORDIA, where works as orthodontist.

Scientific work & Publications:

  1. M.Grzibovskis, I. Urtane, M.Pilmane „Current concepts of orthodontic tooth movement”, Acta Chirurgica Latviensis, 2008(8):78-84.
  2. Maris Grzibovskis, Mara Pilmane, Ilga Urtane. Today’s understanding about bone aging. Stomatologija 2010; 12 (4): 99-104
  3. Maris Grzibovskis, Ilga Urtane, Mara Pilmane, Iveta Jankovska. Specific signaling molecule expressions in the interradicular septum in different age groups. Stomatologija 2011; 13 (3): 81-6
  4. Maris Grzibovskis, Ilga Urtane, Mara Pilmane. Specific signaling molecule expression in periodontal ligaments in different age groups: pilot study. Stomatologija 2011; 13 (4): 117-122

Awards and scholarships:

  • The International College of Dentists Baltic State Regency Student Award, Riga, Latvia (2008)
  • RSU residency XIII scientific conference 1st place, Riga, Latvia (2010)

SIROWA Riga Dental clinic collaborates in orthodontics with Dr. Med. Māris Gržibovskis and Concordia Denatl Clinic to ensure the most innovatiove Orthodontic treatment in the Baltics. 

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